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We’ll show you typical B2B LinkedIn Company Page performance, how your Page’s performance compares, and where there’s room to improve.

See How Your Performance Compares To Similar Companies

In our free consultation, we’ll show:

  • How your company’s LinkedIn Company Page performance compares to others by using charts like the ones below
  • Green charts show how you’re outperforming others, so you know what’s going well
  • Red charts show where there’s room for improvement and what goals to set

See What “Good” Looks Like

Is your LinkedIn Company Page performing well, or is there room for improvement? Are your Impressions higher than others? Are you getting an average amount of Comments and Reactions? We’ll help you answer these and other questions during a free benchmark consultation.

As a Certified Databox Benchmarks Partner, we host a free Benchmark Group that calculates the median, top quartile, and bottom quartile B2B LinkedIn Company Page performance. Members can join anonymously and see how their performance compares to the group. The group is made up of around 1,000 other companies whose LinkedIn Company Pages’ median number of followers is 1,930.


Who can see my company’s data?

No one else can see your company’s specific data. You cannot see any other company’s specific data either. Databox’s Benchmark Groups software anonymizes your performance data, and then calculates the benchmarks.

Does it cost money to join?

No, as a Databox Partner, we’re able to offer Benchmark Group participation to you for free.

What if I don’t want to participate anymore?

You can opt-out at any time and remove your company’s data from the system.

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