How To Improve LinkedIn Organic Marketing

March 27, 2024

Author: Angela Noble

Author: Angela Noble

Combine Your Company Page and Personal Profile Efforts

Improving your LinkedIn marketing can be as simple as combining efforts on your LinkedIn Company Page and your team’s personal LinkedIn profiles. Organic company posts make up just 2% of what LinkedIn users see on their feed (as of early 2024)*. As LinkedIn Ads begin to dominate the platform (making up 40% of all posts in the feed)*, dialing in your organic LinkedIn marketing strategy will be key.

Results on your Company Page will be significantly greater if you have the support of relevant team members involved in driving engagement.

You might be tempted to look at your follower or connection count to determine how many people will see your posts on LinkedIn. In actuality, posts from Company Pages reach only around 2.4% of followers.* Post from personal profiles will be seen by about 10–15% of your connections, and up to 25–30% of your followers.* 

The reach of your posts—whether on your Company Page or personal profile—mostly depends on engagement. When a few of your followers or connections engage, your post is then shown to their connections. 40% of your post views will most likely come from second- and third-degree connections.* That’s why when you post on LinkedIn, the most important thing is to get engagement (Like, Comments, etc.). This is where the synergy between your Company Page and your team comes in!

Improve LinkedIn Marketing With An Engagement Group To Boost Reach

The best way we’ve found to kick off engagement on LinkedIn posts is to have a group of people you call on to engage with your posts in an authentic way. We call this an engagement group. You might call this group an engagement circle, company advocate or ambassador program, or something else. 

Essentially, you’ll want to gather a group of folks to seed engagement on your posts. This is as simple as sending out a notification to these folks when a post is made on your LinkedIn Company Page, or when an individual makes a post on their profile. Then, the whole group can engage with the post right away.

It’s important to get early engagement on posts as this signals to the algorithm that the post is well received. LinkedIn will then show it to more people. It’s crucial to get engagement in the first hour after posting. Getting engagement within the first 6 hours of your post will also help significantly.* After that, engagement doesn’t matter as much for increasing reach.

Who Should Be In Your Engagement Group?

We recommend involving around 10 employees to make up your engagement group. It’s important you choose the people who make up your engagement group wisely. They should be connected with industry professionals relevant to your target market. After all, it’s your engagement group’s connections that will be the main audience for your posts. Most likely, your group will likely be composed of folks connected to the company. Non-employees have more of a positive impact on reach.* If you have any customers, vendors, or other supporters who might help, they would provide great value.

If you are a solopreneur, rally a small group of 3-5 other professionals with similar goals and create an engagement circle together. In a group of like-minded solopreneurs, be each others’ cheerleaders with engagement. Engagement groups should be a win-win for everyone involved.

The key with anything on LinkedIn is to make sure your posts and engagement are authentic. If the same person is posting the same comment on every post, or sharing every single thing you post with their network, that will start to come across as spammy and inauthentic to their network. Be sure to make it clear to everyone involved that they should only comment, react, or share if it feels authentic.

Create An Engagement Strategy To Improve LinkedIn Marketing

There are many different types of engagement on the LinkedIn platform. Here are some basic stats about Likes, Shares, Comments, Reposts, and less commonly considered engagement types such as “see more” clicks, video plays, dwell time, Document clicks, and more.

Each engagement type has a different effect on your reach. Comments are the #1 way to increase post visibility. Here are the key engagement types in the order of efficacy*:

  1. Comment
  2. Repost Instantly (with no commentary)
  3. Save
  4. Click “see more”
  5. Repost with Thoughts
  6. Like

Important: Only the first engagement counts toward reach. Don’t Like first and then Comment—only the Like will count! Additional engagements are counted 4 hours after the last engagement.*

Comment Strategy

Since commenting is the best way to drive reach, focus your team specifically on commenting. 

Commenting strategically establishes you as an expert and thought leader to your network, who are the ones seeing your comment. 

Here are 5 ways you can comment strategically:*

  • Provide Additional Insights: State what appeals to you in the post and add an additional insight based on your expertise.
  • Summarize the Takeaways: Your comment makes the original post visible to your network. A good way to reinforce your own expertise is to make a summary of the original post.
  • Be Curious and Ask Questions: Use the post as a conversation starter. Ask questions and engage in discussions with other members. Don’t forget to connect with people who add value.
  • Share Emotions: Sharing and recognizing emotions creates a stronger bond with your network.
  • Tag Your Network: If you see a relevant discussion regarding the expertise/knowledge of someone in your network, then tag this person to give them the opportunity to contribute.

The longer the comment the better—use at least 12 words!

Repost Strategy

Reposting (Instantly) is the second most effective way to increase the reach of a post. This is the simplest way for folks to engage, with just a tap!

Other Ways To Engage

If commenting or reposting doesn’t seem relevant or authentic, a simple Like or pressing “see more” are easy ways to still have a positive impact.

*From Just Connecting’s Algorithm Research Edition 2024


Without the help of your team, your Company Page’s content won’t get much exposure. While posts from personal profiles have a better chance of more reach, more engagement on Company Page posts will have a significant impact on Impressions.

Combining LinkedIn Company Page efforts with strategic personal LinkedIn profile efforts can lead to significantly increased reach for the Company Page and all individuals involved.

Create an engagement group, train the team on how best to engage, and encourage only authentic, thoughtful engagement!

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