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LinkedIn Marketing for B2B Organizations 

We’ve been offering LinkedIn Company Page management to our B2B clients since early 2021. Since then, we’ve had the opportunity to manage LinkedIn marketing for 5 clients. We’ve worked with Flavor Insights, Starwest Botanicals, and AIGA San Diego, and currently work with Vantage Food™ and Neon One to manage their LinkedIn Company Pages. We’ve also put together training workshops to equip in-house marketing teams to manage their Company Pages most effectively.

Our goal in managing an organization’s LinkedIn presence is to get their Company Page’s content in front of the maximum amount of people. The primary metric we look at to measure performance is Impressions. Impressions are counted every time a post shows up in someone’s feed. Often times on social media, people are more interested in high follower counts. In reality, follower count is mostly a vanity metric. Even with a small amount of followers, you can still see significant reach and a high number of Impressions.

Here, we’ll show performance metrics of Company Pages we’ve managed.

Starwest Botanicals

We managed the Starwest Botanicals LinkedIn Company Page from January-December 2022. Their first venture into social media was met with enthusiasm from the Starwest team and their customers.

We generated nearly 103,000 Impressions—hovering around 8,500 per month, and 700 per post on average.

Some of our top performing posts see in the thousands of Impressions, such as the one below which accumulated more than 3,000 Impressions.

LinkedIn followers doubled, growing from 1,051 to 2,136.

Monthly engagement rates hovered between 6-10%. Their total monthly engagements surpassed those of their largest competitors (many of whom have 2x-8x as many followers as Starwest).

“In my current and prior CEO roles, when I needed a website, creation of a newsletter, and help with B2B outreach through LinkedIn presence, Angela was my first phone call. I knew she understood the food ingredient, flavor, and wellness space and could deliver impact with little to no learning curve. My experience on all projects with her studio has been just that! She’s a true extension of our team and is my easy button. Our results have been both amazing and immediate. I highly recommend Noble Intent Studio—they are certainly my ‘go to’ and I have every confidence the best is yet to come.”

— Amy McDonald, Former President & CEO at Starwest Botanicals (client since 2021)

Neon One

Neon One’s in-house marketing team was managing their LinkedIn Company Page before we took over in November 2021.

We generated a 41% increase in organic traffic from LinkedIn to their website in the first 9 months of Page management.

We’ve generated more than 36,000 Impressions, hovering around 4,500 per month and 320 per post. While we’ve seen a slight dip in Impressions over time, we’ve seen average monthly Engagement Rates nearly double in the same period from 4.5% to 7.9%.

LinkedIn followers have grown from 1,638 to 2,583 in the first 7 months of Page management.

Flavor Insights

We managed the Flavor Insights’ LinkedIn Company Page for 9 months. As a result of our LinkedIn Company Page strategy and management, we had nearly 1,500 pageviews to their website and 350 new users on the Flavor Insights website who came from LinkedIn. This resulted in 3.6% of all leads from their website.

Impressions soared after taking over management of the Page in April 2021. We generated nearly 40,000 impressions (4,444 per month, and 600 per post on average).

We also saw LinkedIn Page followers grow from 288 to 852 followers in those 9 months. Our average engagement rate on Page updates was 6.8%.

AIGA San Diego

We managed the AIGA San Diego LinkedIn Company Page for 2 months to provide guidance to their board.

As a result of our LinkedIn Company Page strategy and management, we had 237 pageviews and 158 new users on the two AIGA San Diego websites who came from LinkedIn.

Impressions grew significantly in the two month period. We generated more than 13,000 impressions (590 per post on average).

Page followers grew from 697 to 782. Our average engagement rate on Page updates was 19%.

We’re excited about the impact LinkedIn marketing is having for our B2B clients, and we’re excited to share more results as we continue to work with these and new clients in the future.

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