How To Better Manage Life Inside and Outside of the Office

October 27, 2021

Marissa Perez

Owning a business in San Diego, CA, is rewarding. However, at times, business ownership can be highly stressful there or anywhere. One way to make your business life better is to learn task and time management in and out of the office. 

Management Your Time

Time management is essential if you want to complete everything you need to for your business and home while having time for family and friends. 

Improve your time management skills by creating to-do lists. Have one list for business and one for home each day. Cross off tasks as you complete them, so you know how much you’ve completed. You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment this way and will be able to stay on task more easily. 

Don’t plan every second of your day. While you want to be as productive as possible, interruptions and emergencies can derail your plans. Instead, make sure your schedule has some leeway. 

Prioritize tasks like marketing. Complete the most vital ones first or at their designated times and plan around this. 

Manage Your Stress

While you want to be driven and have your business succeed while keeping your home in order, you can’t forget about yourself. Make sure you take some time for yourself regularly. Aim for at least 15 minutes of “you” time each day to enjoy a book, take a relaxing bath, pamper yourself, or enjoy San Diego. 

Remember to take care of your basic needs, such as drinking water, eating a few healthy meals each day, and sleeping enough. You’ll function much better when all your health needs are met. 

Simplify Your Business

Although you may feel compelled to complete every task yourself, keep in mind that you’re only one person. You may slack in certain areas of your business if you spread yourself too thin. Delegate the tasks that someone else can perform that don’t require your expertise or you personally. 

Consider forming a limited liability company (LLC). Instead of completing the California LLC paperwork yourself, use an online formation service. You’ll avoid the high cost of an attorney and will save yourself time. Plus, you’ll reap the reward of an LLC, such as tax breaks and less paperwork. 

Before you form an LLC, make sure you review San Diego and California laws for small businesses. 

Openly Communicate With Your Employees

You may overbook employees unintentionally. Your process may work for you, but they may not be the most efficient for everyone or in general. 

Listen to your employees to help you create better processes, increase productivity, and better the work environment. 

Make sure if you have a concern that you approach employees calmly and rationally. 

By creating a workplace where people openly communicate, you can work together as a team more effectively to meet goals. 

Assess Your Business Regularly 

Take time every now and then to assess your business. Think about how productive you are.

Use your critical thinking skills to make changes when necessary. Get innovative with your ideas because it could be what sets you apart from the rest. 

Manage Your Business and Life Better 

When you learn to manage your business better, you’ll manage your life better, and vice versa. 

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