3 Ways You Can Make Your Marketing More Sustainable

October 7, 2021

Kat Sarmiento

As people become more aware of the impact their actions have on the environment, they increasingly become more eco-conscious consumers. These eco-conscious consumers take into account the practices of the organizations they purchase from. This new consumer behavior further puts sustainable marketing into the spotlight. Promoting products and services without negatively impacting the planet is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’ marketing tactic, but has now become a necessity. Employing the appropriate sustainable marketing strategy is crucial to the sustainability of your business.

Being perceived as an eco-friendly business doesn’t happen by chance. It takes careful branding and positioning in the market. It’s important to look for ways to address the sustainability concern considering that marketing in itself can contribute to waste with promotional items and mailers. Here are some of the ways to make marketing more sustainable that answers the call of consumers today. 

Embed sustainability in every process.

Change starts from the simplest things that a company does. Everyone should be enabled to practice what you preach when it comes to sustainability. Perhaps the most basic way to do this is to do away with printed things when possible. Collaborating digitally has been made possible with platforms such as Google Workplace and Slack. As online events take the place of some in person gatherings, a lot can be saved that would otherwise be spent on printed materials. You may also want to consider digital business cards to cut unnecessary waste. Apart from these efforts, you can evaluate how you source products and packaging materials. Ensure that you cover all your bases when it comes to sustainability to stay true to your brand values and what your customers expect.

Now that you’ve looked into the simple ways to become a more sustainable business, you can start rethinking your promotional items. Promotional products are one of the key areas in marketing  that require tangible products, and one of the biggest areas of unnecessary waste. Choosing more eco-friendly products is a matter of being creative and considerate of your customers’ values and what they would really use. Some ideas include plants, reusable coffee cups, and bars of soap. Think about what truly represents your brand and thatwould also be meaningful to your customers. 

Whenever possible, try opting for digital marketing. Many people don’t open or read printed materials  today. Reallocating some of your print budget for direct mail to digital efforts is a great way to go more green.. 

Stay true to your brand as you tell your story.

Don’t be afraid to publicize what you do and the green changes you make. Come up with a calendar that can showcase how you mitigate environmental damage through compelling videos, social media posts, and interesting articles. You can even sponsor events that are aligned with your brand vision. This is a way to be transparent—communicating how you operate proudly and comfortably. It may not be automatically apparent but this can build trust over time. 

While it’s tempting to accept all clients and partners that you deem beneficial for your business, who you’re working with unquestionably speaks a lot for your business as well. Therefore, you may want to research thoroughly the entities you plan to work with first and foremost. Their actions can affect your brand after all. 

Needless to say, corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts are valued by customers, so embrace them no matter how small it may seem to your business. Think about diversifying your workforce, responsibly sourcing your products, volunteering for charitable causes, and raising funds for those who are in need.. Doing so will show you are a socially aware business that cares for the people and the planet.

Build a community of like-minded individuals.

The power of supporters cannot be disregarded. You want people to resonate with you so you should take the necessary steps to associate yourself with the events that your target audience values. Show up and attract followers who align with your values You’ll grow a following of brand advocates who can be easily tapped on social media, Gmail app, and even sms. Strive to be on the same page with them by being specific about what you provide and advocate for. If it makes sense for your business and product line, consider connecting purchases to your environmental efforts. Ideas could include planting trees in exchange for a certain number of products your customers buy from you. 

These are only some of the ways to integrate sustainability into your marketing initiatives. Challenge yourself to go above and beyond by getting certified. Some organizations that grant sustainable certifications include Leaping Bunny, Fairtrade, and Safer Choice. You may also want to support local businesses by partnering with them as this could significantly reduce pollution. There are many ways to be a more eco-friendly business. It’s not always easy or less expensive than the alternative, but the end result is worth it. Leave a positive mark on the planet by starting to reduce your carbon footprint now!

Image source: Pexels