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Flavor Insights, Food and Beverage Flavor Manufacturer

Flavor Insights, a West Coast flavor house that was started by the creators of Muscle Milk, came to us at the end of 2020 with the need to completely redevelop their website.

We facilitated a half-day workshop to uncover who their target audiences are and how to communicate key messaging to them. During the workshop, we defined the content scope based on what pages would need to be created on the new website.

We worked with our content marketing partner Zettist to create SEO-optimized content for all of the website pages. This content-first strategy enabled our team to design the new website around the content, ensuring we effectively communicated Flavor Insights’ brand story and services while guiding website visitors to information and action.

After the launch, we worked with Flavor Insights in partnership with the Zettist team to provide ongoing digital marketing services including SEO-optimized blog posts and LinkedIn marketing through January 2022.

Website Results

In the first year after the launch of the new website, monthly traffic to the website doubled. Flavor Insights went from having no way to connect with leads on their website to bringing in many contact and flavor request form submissions monthly.

74.5% of leads from the website were attributed to organic search both from the blog and the general website copy that was created at the beginning of the project.

LinkedIn Marketing Results

As a result of our LinkedIn Company Page strategy and management, we had nearly 1,500 pageviews and 350 new users on the Flavor Insights website who came from LinkedIn. This resulted in 3.6% of leads from the website.

We also saw LinkedIn Page followers grow from 288 to 852 followers in 10 months.


Our average engagement rate on Page updates was 6.8% (while in comparison the average across LinkedIn is a low 0.35%).

Impressions, or the number of times a Post shows up in the feed, are the key metric to track in LinkedIn marketing. We saw impressions soar since taking over management of the Page in April 2021. We generated nearly 40,000 impressions (600 per post on average) and more than 1,500 clicks on Flavor Insights’ LinkedIn Company Page posts.

We’re excited to see the results of organic search and social media work we’ve started with Flavor Insights pay off and we can’t wait to continue to watch their online presence grow as a result.

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