How To Develop A LinkedIn Strategy For Your Company Page

July 2, 2021

Author: Angela Noble

Author: Angela Noble

In recent years, LinkedIn has become a high-return platform for B2B organic marketing. In our recent post, A Beginner’s Guide To LinkedIn Marketing, we touched on how to optimize your posts for maximum reach with hashtags, the right content types, and timing. But that still leaves us with the most important question—what should you post to your LinkedIn Company Page? Here, we’ll outline some ideas to get you started in developing a LinkedIn strategy for your Company Page.

In our Guide, we recommend posting two times per week. At around 8 times per month, you might worry you’ll find yourself running out of things to talk about! But, there are plenty of relevant and engaging things you can post about on LinkedIn.

You may already have content you can share or do share on other platforms, such as within email marketing or on other social media platforms. Below are some of our go-to’s for content development:

LinkedIn Company Page Content Ideas

Share your blog articles on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a great way you can drive traffic to your blog. While LinkedIn has designed their platform and algorithm to keep people on their site, you will want to drive some traffic to your own website and through your marketing funnel. Since LinkedIn’s algorithm isn’t as kind to posts taking traffic off their platform, we recommend including links in your posts only on occasion. Plus, you don’t want to constantly be promoting your own content. Try to keep linking to your own website at less than 20% of your posts.

Share articles about your company on LinkedIn.

Anytime your company is in the news, gets an award, or is mentioned online somewhere other than your own website, incorporate that into your LinkedIn Company Page strategy.

Share customer testimonials on LinkedIn.

When you receive a testimonial or review from a customer, mention it on LinkedIn. Tagging the customer here is ideal!

Share employee spotlights or employee-generated content on LinkedIn.

Are your employees actively sharing content on their personal profiles? Perhaps you have an employee that received an award—brag about your team (and tag them!) on LinkedIn.

Share external articles on LinkedIn that relate to your industry or your customer’s interests.

If you read an article that relates to your industry, product, or you think would be interesting to your customers, LinkedIn is the perfect place to share it.

Share company behind the scenes content on LinkedIn.

Sharing photos of team lunches, strategy sessions, team building events, company picnics, etc. is a great way to engage with your employees on LinkedIn. This also shows your company culture to customers and potential new hires. Statistically, posts containing people result in 5-8 times more views and engagement!

Celebrate holidays on LinkedIn that relate to your business or industry.

Show what your company cares about on LinkedIn. This could be acknowledging and celebrating Black History Month or Women’s Day, or something fun and light hearted such as National Ice Cream Day or Take Your Dog to Work Day.

Share job openings on LinkedIn. 

It’s likely that many of your Company Page followers are job seekers. LinkedIn is a great space to share your company’s job opportunities. 

Keep Your LinkedIn Company Page Audience in Mind.

Some of your connections who are following you on LinkedIn may not be active on Facebook, or vice versa. The same is true for your email marketing list. Your email subscribers may not be the same folks who follow you on LinkedIn. Be sure you’re posting things relevant to your overall digital marketing strategy, but tailor your content according to your audience on LinkedIn. 

Typically, those who follow your LinkedIn Company Page will be employees, job seekers, and customers. If you’re not sure what categories your followers fall into, you can see all your followers and their job titles by going to your Page, and clicking on your follower count. 

LinkedIn Company Page example showing follower count

That will open up your Analytics view where you can see all your followers, when they followed you, and other demographics.

Follower Demographics chart example

While you are most likely investing time with the objective of reaching new customers, bear in mind what your current audience is interested in. 

The best way to reach new customers is to share things your current audience will engage with and share. This is how your content will get in front of these new potential customers who aren’t yet following your Page.

Be sure to center your LinkedIn strategy around your larger digital marketing goals—ensuring all your digital marketing efforts are working hand-in-hand. 

LinkedIn Company Page Strategy Examples

While we don’t always follow our advice in our own marketing efforts (a “Cobbler’s children have no shoes” problem!), we’d love it if you followed our LinkedIn Company Page. If you’re looking for a great example of a Company Page doing it right, we manage our client Flavor Insights’ Company Page here.