Website Launch Announcement Guide: How To Announce Your Website Launch

August 20, 2021

Author: Angela Noble

Author: Angela Noble

Announcing your website’s launch is the last and most exciting step at the completion of a website redevelopment project. But website launch announcements are often done with too little fanfare. Why? Maybe you feel like you don’t have more time to invest in a launch plan after working on such a big project. Or, maybe you don’t want to sound spammy in promoting your new website. We’d argue that after you’ve put in all that work and investment into your new website, a proper website launch announcement is the final and most important step. So let’s hype it up!

Generate Excitement Leading Up To Your Website Launch Announcement

Create buzz and generate excitement in the weeks leading up to your website launch announcement.

1-3 Weeks Before Your Website Launch Announcement

Share behind the scenes process stories. From content creation, to visuals, and development, share the how and why behind your new website. Maybe a photoshoot is part of the process. Sharing behind the scenes photos and clips from photo and video shoots makes for great shareable content. Give a sneak peek preview of what’s to come to help generate excitement around your website’s impending launch.

1-3 Days Before Your Website Launch Announcement

Utilize tools such as interactive countdowns in your social media and email marketing. Now is the time to generate a big buzz around your upcoming launch. 

5 Digital Marketing Channels To Announce Your Website Launch

Don’t plan to make your announcement on launch day. From a technical perspective, things can go wrong and bugs can be identified after launch. Give it at least a few days, maybe 1 week, before you make your announcement.

You’ll want to take advantage of all your marketing channels when the time comes. Here are our top recommendations for getting the word out about your website launch.

Write A Blog Post Announcement

In the following announcement ideas, you’ll need a place to link back to. Posting about your website launch on your blog is great for SEO as well. Use this channel to share the story—the how and why—behind the new website. 

Promote Your Website Launch on LinkedIn

Sharing your new website on your LinkedIn Company Page will be important to drive traffic to your new website. Utilize your employee network or your Engagement Circle to create a buzz. 

Send An Email Marketing Message

We talk a lot about the importance and efficacy of email marketing on our blog. After all, it’s the most cost effective marketing tool, generating $40 for every $1 spent! Most likely, your list is filled with your existing customers and leads. These folks are bound to be the most interested in your new website. Let them know how your new website better serves them.

Announce Your New Website on Social Media

Aside from LinkedIn, do you use other social media channels for your business? Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and others can be great channels to promote your new website on. Be sure to check how your webpage looks when shared on social media by using a tool like Zelolab’s social media preview tool. This tool checks how your image, title, and description will be displayed.

Make A PR Announcement

Even if you feel your team can write a press release, the real benefit of PR is in the distribution of that press release. We recommend working with a PR team to get placements in relevant publications. PR companies have relationships with publications and influencers that make their work well worth the investment.

Whether you use all or just some of these digital marketing channels for your launch announcement, you’ll be driving more traffic to your website during this period than you’ve likely gotten in the past. How might you take advantage of this increase in traffic? After all, you don’t want this to be the only time you interact with these visitors.

Generate Leads With Your Website Launch Announcement

Since you’re driving so much new traffic to your website, let’s ensure you have a way to stay in touch with them. The best way to do this is by getting them to sign up for your email list or having them follow you on social media. This way, they’ll continue to see your content long after their first engagement.

Host A Giveaway or Contest

There’s no better way to generate excitement and get wider exposure than offering something free to your audience. Do you plan to sell something on your website? Give one item away to gain exposure. This could be anything from a physical product to a complimentary coaching session. Be sure to pair your giveaway with an ask from participants. This could be following you on social media and tagging a friend, or subscribing to your email list.

Offer A Free Resource On Your Website

Free downloads on your website, called lead magnets, are free resources you give to website visitors in exchange for their email address. Building your email subscriber list is a great long-term strategy to nurture and convert leads.

Keep the communication going with a series of automated welcome emails. We have ideas for a 3-email drip series in our blog post here.

On social media channels or within your email subscriber list, you now have a way to continue to communicate with new members of your audience. 

Be sure to keep the content coming on your blog, email marketing, and social media after your website launch to continue to engage with and nurture your audience.