Average Engagement Time In GA4

July 1, 2024

Author: Angela Noble

Author: Angela Noble

What Is A Good Average Engagement Time In GA4? 

If you’ve already familiarized yourself with the new reports and dashboards in GA4, you’ll notice a big focus on user engagement. Engagement has actually been a measure Google has been putting more and more importance on since 2016. It’s not surprising that GA4 is all about user engagement.

Average Engagement Time Benchmarks In 2024

We’ve been tracking our own website data and our clients’ websites in GA4 since it was released. Based on that data from 22 websites, we’ve found that an “average” average engagement time is 52 seconds. Our blog post GA4 Is All About Engagement: What Are Good Engagement Metrics? digs into the details of our findings.

Data used is from Q2 2024 (April 1–June 30, 2024). The websites we used in this data set do not include e-commerce websites.

Keep in mind, engagement times vary widely by traffic source. Expect a lower average engagement time if much of your traffic is driven by paid ads.

Engagement is a super important measure of user experience. It’s already the key measure social media platforms use to determine how their algorithms serve posts. So it’s no surprise that Google is now using Engagement as a key measure in their search algorithm. 

See How Your Data Compares

Ready to see your own website’s average engagement time? Simply go to Google Analytics and select Reports > Reports snapshot. By default you will see your Average engagement time (per user) for the selected time period.

Report Templates for GA4

GA4 has taken the stage as the primary analytics platform for most websites with the depreciation of the original Universal Analytics (UA).

We put together a detailed guide on how to track your website’s performance in GA4. Many things are the same, it just takes a bit of digging and configuring to find them. Our blog post, How To Track Your Website’s Performance: Make The Switch from Universal Analytics to GA4, shows examples from our own website and sites we manage, and shows you where to find the same dashboards in both UA and GA4.