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Punchpass, Studio Management Software for Fitness, Yoga, and Dance Studios 

Ruthless & Wellington, a women-owned brand design studio came to us as they were starting to develop a new brand for their client Punchpass. With a complete website redevelopment needed, they looked to us to provide direction for the new website.

We started partnering with the Ruthless & Wellington team in 2021 to provide web development for their client projects. For this website for their client Punchpass, we partnered with Ruthless & Wellington’s co-founders, along with a talented designer and SEO specialist.

We loved being incorporated into their team to provide the best website possible for their client. Bringing a user-centric, fun design to life was a joy! The design team wanted to bring whimsy with animation. Our team was able to ideate and implement animation solutions that didn’t compromise the speed and accessibility of the website.

We took their content and design mockups and developed a pixel-perfect custom website built on the WordPress platform.

“Above all, the team’s dedication and passion for good design and flawless execution was a compelling factor in partnering with Noble Intent. Our shared values and ‘small but mighty’ mentality align with our studio’s ethos. Plus Angela and Cris were fun and easy to connect with right away. Our experience working with Noble Intent has been seamless. They are reliable, thorough and clear, and very easy going. It felt like we had each other’s backs throughout the entire process, each looking out for ways to strengthen the outcome of our work together in a collaborative and mutually respectful way. The result of our partnership has been flawless website experiences that beautifully bring our design and creative vision to life—all while helping us deliver on our promises to our clients and make them, and ourselves, very happy as a result!” — Katie Rutherford & Susan Weeks, Co-Founders of Ruthless & Wellington (client since 2021)

We came away with a project we are proud of, that pushed us to become better development partners. And ultimately, the client was thrilled.

Here’s what their team had to say, “THANK YOU, Cris and Angela, for delivering such an amazing site for Punchpass! We couldn’t be happier with the work you’ve done. We’re super excited & impressed.” And, “It looks so great!!! I am really excited about this, and I keep happening upon cool little surprises, which is just awesome. I love it!! Especially how snappy all the animations are.”

We are confident the redeveloped website will guide prospective customers to everything Punchpass’ platform has to offer.

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