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Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest

We’ve worked with the Planned Parenthood in-house marketing team since 2018 on a number of websites to support their marketing efforts, including one for their annual film festival and another for their annual fundraising dinner event. When they came to us in February of 2020 with a need to promote community participation in the upcoming U.S. Census, we knew we could help.

“We have hired Noble Intent Studio to create several websites for us. The team is detail oriented, prompt, reliable and knowledgeable about their field. Not only is their website development technically advanced, it is beautifully done. They are very easy to work with and are reasonably priced. We are thrilled to have them as an extension of our marketing team.”

— Cita Walsh, Vice President, Marketing & Communications at Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest (client since 2018)

We looped in talented designer and illustrator Stacey Uy to create custom animated illustrations for the project. Our goals were to make the website friendly, approachable, and above all, informative. We created four separate versions of the website, more broadly for the U.S. and specifically for California, with each version also in Spanish.

The goal of the project was to help community members understand the importance of the Census in how the results dictate the amount of funding that goes to community resources such as schools, hosptials, and even organizations such as Planned Parenthood. We also wanted to make it clear that the Census data is confidential since it seeks to count non-citizens. 

We were happy to make all versions of the website available for use by all Planned Parenthood Federations across the U.S. 

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