Welcome To Our Office Space

March 19, 2020

Author: Angela Noble

Author: Angela Noble

How Noble Intent Studio Began Working From Home

We’ve been fortunate enough to have been working from home for a while now. I have worked from home since 2013, and for a long time, had a home office in our guest bedroom.

Our Home Office Build-Out

When Cris came into our business full-time at the end of 2019, we decided to build out a larger, separate space in our back yard.

Interior designer Shelley Jaccard of Jaccard Interiors designed the interior and selected all the furniture for our space.

A shipping container was the perfect size to use in a narrow space we had in our backyard. The first 30 feet of the container houses a guesthouse that opens up on the other side of our now split yard. The last 10 feet of the 40-foot long container houses our office, which pops out from the container an additional 8 feet. The pop out is made entirely of glass and steel, creating a panoramic view of our backyard.

The space was designed by San Diego architecture firm RadLab, who specializes in container builds.

The architect had originally spec’d a built-in wall of custom cabinets for our office, but after the space was built, the vision changed a bit. We really wanted to use our vintage Drexel Declaration credenza in the space, and our interior designer came up with a solution to use that piece in conjunction with two free-standing shelving units (The Dexter Modular Shelf with Cabinet from Joybird) to create a custom look. We were able to use our existing piece and still have room for a widescreen tv for presentations.

Interior design by Jaccard Interiors. Photo by Natalia Robert Photography.

We already knew we wanted to use Fully’s Jarvis standing desks in the space because I already had one of these amazing desks in my guest room office I’d loved for years.

All that was left was two ultra-wide monitors (we love the LG Ultrawide) and a conference table and chairs. Our interior designer recommended West Elm’s Frame Expandable Dining Table which is a versatile choice as well as Article’s Svelti Dining Chairs which we absolutely love.

How We Work Together

We work side-by-side most days, but still have my old office space in the guest room. It’s great when we need some separation or if we’re working off-hours and want to be inside our home.

Our morning commute is just 100 feet of walking! We love it.