Tired of Lorem Ipsum? Check Out These 12 Hilarious Image and Text Placeholders

March 30, 2012

Author: Angela Noble

Author: Angela Noble

Lorem ipsum can get a little boring if you use placeholder text often. And why fill your beautiful site with boring grey boxes when you’re waiting on images from a client?

Try one of these hilarious (and not always client appropriate) alternatives for image and text placeholders!

1. Bacon Ipsum (baconipsum.com)


Every cut of meat you can think of!

“Bacon ipsum dolor sit amet cupidatat dolore spare ribs sirloin laboris, id leberkas short ribs swine corned beef proident minim. Corned beef in brisket, nostrud labore qui turducken.”

Pair with placeholder images from baconmockup.com for a well-balanced website.

2. Vegan Ipsum (veganipsum.com)

Looking for a meat-free alternative? Try this healthy reaction to Bacon Ipsum.

“Melokhia asparagus chickpea leaves. Water spinach, cress paracress water chestnut. Potato land cress daikon – west indian gherkin daikon, kai-lan elephant garlic bamboo shoot kohlrabi.”

3. Liquor Ipsum (liquoripsum.com)


Liquor Ipsum’s long list of cocktails and tonics might just leave you thirsty!

“Liquor ipsum dolor sit amet glen moray, bowmore fleischmann’s chimayó cocktail, jacquin pepe lopez tequila sunrise old crow pall mall.”

4. Cupcake Ipsum (cupcakeipsum.com)


Have a sweet tooth?

“Cupcake ipsum dolor sit amet sugar plum liquorice icing. Marshmallow macaroon danish sesame snaps chocolate bar.”

5. Space Ipsum (spaceipsum.com)


If you’re interested in the extraterrestrial, you may want to try Space Ipsum.

“I am a stranger. I come in peace. Take me to your leader and there will be a massive reward for you in eternity.”

6. Bluth Ipsum (bluthipsum.com)


Love Arrested Development? You’ll love these Bluth quotes!

“We’re just blowing through nap time, aren’t we?”

7. Comic Ipsum (comicipsum.com)


Your designs get heroic with this text generator.

“Jack-jack sage tigra agent zero superman captain atlas blink, hawkwoman punisher, callisto steel kitty pride.”

8. Chuck Norris Ipsum (chuckipsum.com)


Can’t get enough of Chuck Norris? Fill your text boxes with these Chuck facts.

“Ironically, Chuck Norris’ hidden talent is invisibility.”

Placeholder images are convenient when you don’t have final images but you don’t want an empty design or a dull grey box. Sites like the ones below make it easy.

9. placesheen (placesheen.com)


If you’re keeping up with Charlie Sheen’s latest hijinks, this image placeholder site is just for you.

10. Placekitten (placekitten.com)


What could be cuter than kittens?

11. placedog (placedog.com)


12. placepuppy (placepuppy.it)


Not down with the cats rule, dogs drool crowd? Try placeholder dogs or placepuppy!

Next time you’re working on a project and need placeholder text or images, try one of these unconventional alternatives.

Know of other text or image placeholder services? Please comment!

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