Noble Intent Studio Pledges To Donate $100 For Every Website Launched In 2021

May 1, 2021

Author: Angela Noble

Author: Angela Noble

We count ourselves fortunate to be in an industry that has continued to see growth despite the pandemic. We know many industries and individuals have been negatively impacted, and our hearts go out to everyone struggling. Now more than ever, we find it important to give back in a bigger way to our community and causes we care about. One way we will do that in 2021 is by donating $100 for every website we launch this year to Second Chance Dog Rescue.

Our dogs Layla and Dexter are a big part of our studio culture, as many of our clients and colleagues have come to know via Zoom this past year. Both rescues, Dexter was found abandoned in the woods in the Chicago area and Layla was born into the shelter system after her mom was surrendered after becoming pregnant. We adopted Layla after Second Chance Dog Rescue rescued her, her brother, and mom from the shelter. Since then, we’ve worked with Second Chance to foster 19 dogs in our home who have gone on to find loving forever families.

Since Second Chance Dog Rescue has been such a big part of our lives since 2013, we’ve decided to take our support one step further by getting the business involved.

If you’re interested in adding a dog to your family, please consider adoption as a first option. If you’re looking for ways to get involved in animal rescue, there are many ways to help! Donate, foster, volunteer, or simply share with friends and family to raise awareness.

From January through April, we have launched 6 websites and are pleased to have donated $600 to Second Chance so far! Follow along on Instagram in our stories as we announce launches as they happen and fulfill our pledge at the end of each month.