LinkedIn For Business Workshop

December 8, 2021

Author: Angela Noble

Author: Angela Noble

If you’re ready to use LinkedIn as a platform to promote your business or organization, we invite you to attend our LinkedIn For Business Workshop. In this 1.5 hour workshop, we’ll ensure your LinkedIn Company Page is set up for success and you’ll have the tools you need to begin marketing on LinkedIn for your business immediately.

The workshop will take place online via Zoom on Wednesday, December 8 from 10-11:30 a.m. PT.

Workshop Details

Beyond the skills and techniques you’ll learn, we take a hands-on, case-by-case approach to instruction. We’ll explain why what we’re learning matters and share real-world examples. Then, we’ll put the techniques to the test for your needs with hands-on, individualized instruction. 

During the workshop, we’ll walk you through the details step by step as you work on your LinkedIn Company Page in real time. You’ll come away with a Company Page that’s already performing plus the tools you need to continue implementing what you’ve learned.

Topics Include:

  • Setting Up Your LinkedIn Company Page
  • Developing A Strategy & Content
  • Increasing Your Marketing Reach

While LinkedIn has resources on how to market on their platform, many of their tips guide you into paid advertisement opportunities. In this workshop, we’ll be focusing on organic marketing (not paid advertising). This means the only thing you’re investing is your time. There is plenty of opportunity for terrific organic results on LinkedIn!

We’ll start out by setting up your LinkedIn Company Page. The first step to success on LinkedIn is an optimized LinkedIn Company Page for your business.  

Next, we’ll dive into developing a strategy and content to post on your Page. From understanding your target audience, to content ideas, to technical how-to’s—we’ll ensure you nail down a strategy and begin posting relevant content. 

Finally, we’ll dig into how to measure success, how to increase your reach with technical tips on engagement, and how to gain new followers. 

Come prepared with:

  • A square version of your logo or icon (268x268px)
  • A cover image (1,238x191px)
  • Company tagline
  • Company description (2,000 characters or less)