6 Guidelines For Writing Successful B2B Lead Generating Emails

January 30, 2018

Kevin Nelson

93% of B2B marketers use email marketing, according to WebMarketing 123’s 2015 State of Digital Marketing Report. So how do you make sure you’re achieving your goals with your B2B email campaigns? Below are some crucial tips to note.

1. Make Your Message As Personal As Possible

One of the first things people try to determine when glancing at an email in their inbox is if the message is applicable to them. This is what personalization is all about. Research your prospects and use segmentation to target them appropriately with personal messages.

2. Use Powerful Subject Lines

Make your subject lines powerful and catchy so that your readers are engaged instantly. Most people, especially those in the business circles, receive numerous emails every day. So be sure to write in a tone that is both captivating and engaging to ensure your emails will be opened. Personalization can be added to the subject line to push the recipients to open and read the email.

3. Create a Prospects List

For those new to the email marketing scene, a prospect list is just an email contact list of the people you intend to broadcast your messages to. One thing to take note of is that they are permission-based, so be sure you have permission to email these contacts. Also be sure to include an option to unsubscribe. These lists should act as your primary prospects for B2B emails. While creating these lists, ensure that they are sorted out, and narrowed down to businesses, groups, and other segments based on personal interests as applicable to your business.

4. Create a Sense of Urgency

One of the best ways to motivate and stimulate action is to create a feeling of urgency or an element of scarcity. Once you’ve demonstrated that you understand your recipients’ problems or needs and that you are the right person to solve them, entice them to act quickly to take advantage of your offer. Communicate to them that the offer won’t last long or there are limited offers remaining. The hope is the lead will transition into a client as fast as they can so that they don’t pass up a great opportunity.

5. Be Brief

B2B lead generation emails ought to be as brief as possible. It is assumed most people in a working environment are generally busy, and their time is too valuable to read through long emails. The main point of your email marketing messages should be communicated as concisely as possible. Be brief and concise with the words and expressions that you use. Rather than writing long phrases and whole paragraphs, use short sentences and paragraphs of just two to three sentences.

6. Include a Compelling Call to Action

A call to action is a directive that tells the prospective client what to do next and will hopefully turn leads into clients. The call to action should be clear and prominent in the design. Just after the first pitch is the ideal place to put the call to action. It can also be repeated at the end of the email to give the recipient another chance to follow through.


In 2015, the volume of B2B e-commerce in the U.S. alone stood at around $5.7 trillion. Businesses today simply cannot afford not to utilize B2B emails in their marketing strategies. The tips outlined in this article are sure to help make your lead generation exercise a success.

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