AIGA Y Conference

May 6, 2018

Author: Angela Noble

Author: Angela Noble

We sponsored this year’s AIGA Y Conference and put together an interactive game of “noble intentions” where we asked conference attendees to do a task such as arrange a carpool to an off-site event or make a new friend.

🙈 #sneakpeek 👉 We're getting ready for the @ 🙈 #sneakpeek 👉 We're getting ready for the @aigasandiego #yconferencesd this weekend! Which Noble Intention will you end up picking? #y23nobleintentions
#graphicdesign #webdesign #webdeveloper #designstudio #aigawomenlead #aigadesign #y23
Having a blast at the aigasandiego Y Conference... Having a blast at the aigasandiego Y Conference... nobleintentstudio challenged me to do a noble act. Mine was to sit next to someone new... I had a great conversation, made a real connection, and exchanged cards. #y23nobleintentions
Y Design Conference aigasandiego ✖︎✖︎ #yco Y Design Conference aigasandiego ✖︎✖︎ #yconferencesd
Having fun with ucsdextvisarts... but clearly didn Having fun with ucsdextvisarts... but clearly didn’t think about how screenprinting reverses your print. Backwards “Y” 😝 My challenge from nobleintentstudio was to meet the vendors—thanks for pushing me to go mingle! #y23nobleintentions
At the Y Conference at USD Garden of the Sea. Awes At the Y Conference at USD Garden of the Sea. Awesome conference so far  #y23nobleintentions #graphicdesign #aigasd #aigasandiego #y23 #illuminate #yconferencesd


Debbie Millman was a fantastic moderator this year with her smart and insightful questions and thoughts, Scott Boms from Facebook’s Analog Lab showed us the importance of hands-on, tactile work, Michelle Fehler really piqued our interest in biomimicry, Ash Haung inspired with her varied skillset and drive, and Louise Fili and Natasha Jen amazed with their portfolios of outstanding work!

We loved seeing Deb Adler show her work within the health care industry (we followed her redesigned prescription bottles at Target back in the day) – can’t wait for CVS to roll out more of her life-changing (sometimes life-saving) designs. We played with color and got a refresher on color theory in a Thinkshop hosted by Facebook’s AnalogLab, heard from Vanessa Dewey on her journey as an in-house creative (so relatable to our early career experiences!), got a glimpse into the behind the scenes of some familiar work to us here in San Diego from local hero Don Hollis, and finally learned from Matthew Santone from Argo Design about AI and how it’s really up to humans how the future of AI plays out. Phew!

What a wonderfully jam-packed weekend!

The inspiration and new connections we made are still on our minds. We love asking why. Y? Because it forces you to have intention behind your actions, and that’s what we’re all about.

Thanks to all the Y organizers, attendees, and fellow sponsors who made this year’s conference awesome. Special thanks to everyone who came over and engaged in our PlaySpace. We’re already looking forward to seeing you next year at Y24!