4 Tasks Your Small Business Should Outsource

December 3, 2021

Chelsea Lamb

Outsourcing allows entrepreneurs to shift their attention from peripheral tasks towards those of utmost importance that drive the business to success. Additionally, outsourcing increases business efficiency, by providing access to experts at a low cost and greater flexibility in hiring. Here, we provide you with a guide about outsourcing effectively to meet your business needs.

Email Marketing

According to research email marketing provides the highest ROI compared to all other marketing avenues. Additionally, 91% of customers report preferring brands that remember their interests and provide them with customized offers, making email the preferred platform to receive marketing content.

Having a dedicated resource for your email marketing activities who is always on top of current trends, consistently creates engaging content, and makes necessary changes depending on campaign performance will take your business to the next level.

Web Design and Development

Your website serves as a one-stop shop for educating customers about your brand, selling products, and generating customer data. The mark of a great website is having a balance between amazing design and performance. This involves creating a responsive design, developing databases, handling hosting, and much more.

For a project of such high importance, rather than hiring multiple individuals, seek to outsource the task to a top-rated agency (potentially us!) who possesses the expertise to handle all your website related requirements under one roof, and provides you the desired output in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Web Accessibility

This represents the level to which users with disabilities can view, access, and interact with content on your website. For instance, those with vision impairments can use screen readers to navigate web pages, while those with hearing difficulties rely on captions for audio and video content.

Having a web accessibility specialist on your team will make your website accessible to all customers. Some on-page activities such as adding image alt tags, having proper heading structures, etc. aid in improving your website’s SEO, making it rank higher on search results. Additionally, your website will need to comply with Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design (ADA) guidelines, for which your specialist can guide you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As reported by the Tech Jury, 96% of mobile users use Google search, but up to 80% of those ignore sponsored search listings. While you may think that paying for ads is the go-to method for promoting your brand, website traffic from search engines is 300% more than that of social media. Hence, one of the core requirements for your business to be successful is to make an SEO-friendly website that will rank on the first page of google search results.

A competent SEO professional can help you achieve this goal by working on both on-page and off-page SEO activities such as conducting keyword research, researching user intent, implementing meta descriptions, header & image alt tags, indexing pages on Google, creating backlinks, and much more.

How To Outsource These Roles

Once you’ve decided which roles you want to outsource, create a set of responsibilities and timely measurable goals. When looking to outsource, you are not limited to the scope of workers in your region. Through job boards such as Guru, you can hire highly skilled professionals from Mexico, South Africa, the Philippines, and all over the globe. When it comes to paying global freelancers, use online money transfer services such as Remitly, which allows you to save massively on fees typically levied by banks. This proves advantageous when hiring for big projects as Remitly does not charge any fees on transactions greater than $1,000.

Not all tasks in your business need outsourcing. If you have the right personnel on your team, seek to invest in software that makes it easier for them to handle responsibilities and for you to supervise them. This can include popular platforms such as Zoho (customer relationship management), QuickBooks (accounting), and Workday (human resources).

As an entrepreneur, outsourcing will free up a considerable amount of time from your schedule that you can then dedicate to your business’s core competencies.