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Robb Davidson Photography

Logo and blog-focused website for Chicago-area photographer Robb Davidson.

Timeline: 4-6 months

Price Range: $10-15k

We worked with Chicago-area photographer Robb Davidson on a complete overhaul of his website.

The overall design of the site is minimalistic and features full-screen photos to let his awesome photography skills shine through.

Robb Davidson Website Homepage Website Subpage

Robb is a storyteller, so we wanted his website to be very blog-focused.

We built the site on Wordpress so Robb can easily login to blog and adjust content as necessary.

Website Blog Overview About Robb Davidson Page

The site is fully responsive so it looks great on devices of all sizes. Mobile Screenshots

See the site for yourself!

We also designed a new logo for Robb to give him a more polished, grown-up look that reflects the quality of his work.

We wanted to highlight Robb’s outgoing, approachable personality and the signature double-b spelling of his name, so we decided to make his first name the most prominent component of the logo. The circle, which could be seen as a visual metaphor for a camera lens, grounds the typography, echoing the circular letterforms, and lends to legibility when the logo is used as a watermark on top of images.

Robb Davidson Logo Redesign

"I mean shoot, the more I stayed out of the way... the better this project looked. Not to say I'm incapable of any kind of design and programming, I just know that it was the easiest thing to let go to the pros. Communication was excellent through the whole process, I never felt like I was being talked down, and my thoughts came to life even better than I imagined when I viewed my site for the first time. I'm amazed at how little effort was put in to this on my part to get something this personal and professional. I couldn't ask for a better dynamic duo to help my business grow exponentially!"

Robb Davidson,
Owner at Robb Davidson Photography

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