Meier Clinics

Brochures for national mental health clinic.

We worked with Meier Clinics, a mental health clinic with locations all across the U.S., to design a suite of brochures for new patient outreach.

The first brochure covers all of their programs and is used for general outreach.

Brochure Design 1

Originally Meier Clinics requested the original brochure simply be updated with new images, but after assessing the original map-style folded format, we suggested a complete redesign and came up with a gatefold solution. The new folded style is much more comfortable to hold and much easier to read in a logical sequence.

The second brochure we designed is for their teen program, Breakaway.

After doing extensive research on teens experiencing mental health difficulties, we proposed a style we felt would resonate with that age group.

Brochure Design 2

The third brochure we designed is for Meier Clinics’ adult program, Catalyst.

We proposed a design style that echoed the program’s newly established logo and used imagery that felt hopeful — communicating this program could be life changing for the patient.

Brochure Design 3
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