Heights Optometry

Triggered email marketing campaign for Heights Optometry in the San Diego neighborhood of Normal Heights.

Shortly after Heights Optometry opened in Normal Heights they wanted to start building up their marketing efforts. Their first order of business was establishing their ratings and reviews online.

We built a custom email campaign for them that is automatically sent to new patients following a visit. The email encourages the patient to take a brief survey and leave a review on Google, Yelp, or Facebook.

Triggered Email Campaign Overview

We built a custom API to make it easy for the office staff to initiate the send. When a list is exported from their patient management center and uploaded to the special uploader page we created for them, the email send is triggered in MailChimp and sent automatically. The new patients’ email address is then stored as a subscriber for future email marketing campaigns.

Triggered Email Campaign Overview

After seeing the success of the first triggered email campaigns we set up, Heights Optometry wanted to create a triggered appointment reminder email. Each month, an email is triggered to send to patients who had their last annual check up 11 months prior. The email reminds those patients it's time for them to schedule their next visit and reduces the amount of work the office staff would otherwise have to do in calling each patient by phone.

Triggered Email Campaign Overview
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