Noble Intent Studio

Urban Kitchen Group's CUCINA restaurants

Custom websites for Urban Kitchen Group's CUCINA restaurants in San Diego and Orange County

Timeline: 9-12 months

Price Range: $30k+

We worked with renowned restaurateur Tracy Borkum to redesign Urban Kitchen Group's suite of 8 websites (with some still in progress), including their e-commerce retail Shop, corporate site, websites for each of their 5 CUCINA restaurants, and catering website (coming soon!).

With website traffic exceeding 1,000 visits per day, we understood just how important UKG's websites are to their business. We carefully examined what was working and what could use improvement on their websites both aesthetically and in terms of user-experience.

We used analytics to guide us in the redesign — after noting 35%+ of website traffic was on their menu pages, we created menu-forward designs for each restaurant websites.

We're confident the new and improved websites will help diners find the information they're looking for more quickly and with ease, making their experience with CUCINA restaurants a positive one before they even take their first bite.

View the CUCINA urbana website View Urban Kitchen Group's retail Shop View Urban Kitchen Group's corporate website

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