America’s Best Franchises

Triggered email marketing campaigns for lead-generation website.

America’s Best Franchises needed a way to automate reaching out to their leads. Leads were being generated through their Unbounce landing pages, but short of manually following up, they weren’t utilizing the full potential of the qualified leads they were collecting.

We set up an automated email marketing program that links leads generated from various Unbounce landing pages to special segments created in MailChimp.

For example, someone interested in a franchise opportunity might Google “ice cream franchises” and arrive on a landing page America’s Best Franchises had set up within Unbounce. That person then enters their email address to ask for more information, and a qualified lead has been collected.

We set up MailChimp and Unbounce to sync, so that anytime an email address is collected in Unbounce, MailChimp pulls that lead into their subscriber list.

To get even more targeted, we set up segments for each landing page. In this example, the lead was pulled into the “ice cream” segment.

We then created a targeted, automated email that will trigger to send each time a lead’s email address is added to a segment.

The email below sends to all new leads generated from Unbounce landing pages or manually imported into MailChimp that fall within the “ice cream” and “food” franchises interest segments.

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