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Mando, San Diego-Based Prepared Meal Delivery 

Chef Giuseppe Ciuffa came to us in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic with an idea to pivot his catering business into a prepared meal delivery company and lifestyle brand. He knew his idea would fill a void in San Diego — restaurant-quality, decadent, and healthy prepared meals delivered to your door.


“Working with Noble Intent Studio for our restaurant Candor, and then our latest venture Mando has been a great experience. From the moment we agreed to the very last minute details, their customer service has been stellar to say the least. Their vision for each project was above and beyond my expectations. We will definitely keep working with them for our future ventures.”

— Chef Giuseppe Ciuffa (client since 2018)

We brought in our content strategist Jana Devan, founder of Zettist, to assist with content marketing. Jana didn’t skip a beat and suggested what ended up being the name of the brand — Mando was born.

Once we had the name, we created a fun, vibrant brand identity for Mando. Whether you see Mando pop up in an ad, drive by on the delivery van, or show up on your doorstep in a bright orange bag, you can’t miss Mando.

We designed everything — hats, shirts, thermal delivery bags, packaging labels and sleeves, and the delivery van wrap.

We built a customized Shopify online storefront showcasing all of Mando’s dishes.

Mando's website displayed on laptop mockup
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We now work with Zettist as a team to manage Mando’s social media presence, on-going email marketing, and ad campaigns to continue to build Mando’s customer base and build Mando as a lifestyle brand.

As a first step, we set up an abandoned cart email automation to capture customers who don’t make it through the whole checkout process. This email sends 8 hours after cart abandon and encourages purchase completion.

screenshot of MailChimp interface and email showing the user flow from "leaving store before purchasing", 8 hour delay, and then send email.
The open rate and click rate on this email far exceeds audience and industry averages.

Since most items are non-subscription-based, we also have automated reminder emails in place ahead of the delivery days to ensure repeat customer orders.

Looking at statistics from the first 20 days, half of all revenues were attributed to email marketing campaigns. The conversion rate for Mando’s website was 2.36%, whereas average e-commerce conversion rates are between 1-2%.

We’re excited to continue to help Mando grow and expand in San Diego County and beyond! If you live in San Diego County, use our referral link to get $10 off your first order.

Photos by J.Dixx Photography

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